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Welcome to Leicester's African Pride Hut

ImageDo you want to promote the African culture and tradition in the community? Then visit Leicester's African Pride Hut.

Visit other pages on this web site to see what we can offer:

Find out about the African Pride Hut and see a map showing our location.

See our range of men's and ladies clothing, Italian style shoes, dressmaking and materials.

See our Madiba jackets, Kente shirts Nigerian Agbada apparel. You can view our range of cotton fabrics, including the Jelimani materials. We have gele headwear Ndebele skirts.

View our jewellery, films and music CDs page and accessories such as bags and hats. 

If you want to know more, please contact us on line. 

The African Pride Hut is a fashion boutique situated in the heart of Leicester's central cultural quarter. 

The shop is easy to get to, being close to most major bus routes and about 10 mins walk from Leicester train station. 

We are very close to the main shopping centre. 

The shop offers a meeting place for many different African cultures - you will hear many languages being spoken here. 

We import products from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe and leather goods from Italy.